baby skin

As a new parent, you are probably nervous because you do not want to choose baby skin care products that will hurt your baby’s skin. You cannot afford to try skin care creams on your baby randomly because they may have adverse implications on your toddler’s skin and even its overall health.

Therefore, you will have to carry out your research in order to buy the best cream and shampoos for your lovely baby. It is quite overwhelming because you are used to randomly using creams and other skin care products without experiencing problems.

The narrative is different for the young ones because their skin is a little more sensitive and delicate. Therefore, you need to be extra keen when choosing skin care products for your newborn baby. Here are the key things you need to know when buying baby skin care products.

Avoid Irritants

The baby has very delicate and sensitive skin. Therefore, you should be keen enough to choose skin care creams and shampoos that cannot cause irritation on their skin. Therefore, you will be required to invest in a shampoo or creams that are skin irritants. Even your baby’s clothes should be washed using non-bio detergent and even fabric softeners. After using the baby shampoo make sure you rinse them with a lot of water. The bottom line is that avoid skincare products that have irritants because they may cause discomfort on your baby’s delicate skin.

Moisture Level

Another important factor to look at is the moisture level. Make sure that you consider the moisture level of the skincare product. The moisture level is a very important factor since babies tend to have very thin skin which is usually susceptible to dryness. Therefore, buy baby skin care products that can help to moisturize the skin of your young one.

You can use crema con Avena para bebe when the baby’s skin is clean and dry. The oatmeal cream is great for moisturizing the skin parts like the face, arms, feet, legs, and the hands. Make sure you apply it gentle especially before they sleep at night.

The Sensitivity of the Skin

Your baby’s skin sensitivity is a very important factor yet it is one of the most overlooked. As a parent you should be keen to observe with shampoo or cream works best for your young one’s skin. Your baby definitely has specific skin care needs. When the baby has normal skin, you need to choose a cream that will not react with their sensitive skin.

In case, your baby is more susceptible to eczema, then you should go for anointment. Ointments are great at reducing water loss through the skin. These products feel very greasy when applying them. To make it feel less greasy you need to apply it when your baby’s skin is damp or has water droplets. Therefore, you need to apply an ointment immediately after bathing your baby.


As a responsible parent, you need to check the ingredients used to make the cream or shampoo before buying it. Always consider the ingredients in order of their concentrations. Various ingredients react differently on the baby’s skin depending on the concentration. Therefore, ensure you know your baby’s skin needs before choosing a cream or shampoo. Some of the ingredients to avoid include; parabens, sodium lauryl, and formaldehyde among others. However, oatmeal creams are the best for the young one’s skin.